In Action Filming has been a service facilitator for the past fifteen years. Shooting extensively in Southern Africa.Our services include instant access to our library of over 1000 location images, shot by Barry Lucas. We are able to assist in finding diverse and unique locations, to any Brief.

Having a comprehensive knowledge of Africa we are able to work within the logistical dynamics of any shoot, making time and money count. We work on Movie Magic Budgeting and do daily reconciliation's. We offer our clients open book budgeting and we are able to offer discounts, based on our excellent relationship with rental companies. We are zero vat rated shooting international productions.

Casting is done via web, saving pre production time and allowing your client's access to the artists.
Crew is an intrinsic part of In Action Filming and we are able to recommend specialist crew to suite your job.
Equipment is all state-of-the-art, and we are able to offer most of the specialist equipment available on a global level.
Post Production is of a high standard. Film processing and telecine are done daily.
Insurance packages are available through our insurance brokers at a competitive rate.

In Action has established a relationship with many hotels in sub-Saharan Africa and we are able to offer a highly competitive rack rate and room upgrades. Our service extends to taking care of all activities from culinary bookings, to the nightlife of Africa and extreme sporting pleasures.


Exert - "Xpose Media Article"

The Cape Town film Industry is rife with production companies and producers catering to the needs of international clients. Amongst the masses one stands out as slightly less conventional and more individual than the rest. Barry Lucas.

creative people got together and created no money whatsoever. But Barry was unperturbed by this and embarked on his career with passion and inspiration. In 1994 Barry joined forces with his formidable partner Candace Horn and together they formed In Action.

In Action is a production company that has taken on a personality of its own, and has gained a reputation for being reliable and hands on for the sometimes pedantic clients of the international commercial industry. Barry has done a host of award winning commercials for numerous international clients, as well as shooting ncredible stills for Land Rover in some of the most exotic locations in Africa. Apart from the production company, Barry and Candace collaborated once more and created The Whole

Lot Directory which, years later, is still the Bible of the industry, which is now in its thirteenth year of publication. Despite being a die-hard filmy, Barry manages to also have a social life outside the industry. He is a founder member of the South African Cigar Club, which is fast gaining a discreet cult status within the higher social echelons of Cape Town society. (Actually it's just a good excuse for him and his mates to get together and wear dinner jackets and smoke good Cuban cigars.) Barry also has a vast collection of cameras dating as far back at the 1900's. He has actually become rather well known as one of the largest camera collectors and has received a considerable amount of interest from fundi's all over the world.

The film industry can break you, make you hard and cynical, and make you a slave to your clients. Somehow Barry has remained enthusiastic, creative, and happy in what he does. He manages to make everything seem easy and exudes a relaxed countenance despite the pressure. He is always happy to give rookies a chance and is adamant about keeping his prices in a bracket that will always attract foreign clients.

Exert - STYLE MAGAZINE - 21 May, 1998 BARRY LUCAS Director, Producer.

Wide Shot
BARRY LUCAS has been involved in the Film, Commercial and Stills Industry in Cape Town for the past fifteen years. Barry's on hand experience through the ranks of the film industry, lead him to forming his own company eight years ago, "In Action". He has been working primarily in commercials for the past eight years, shooting closely with renowned international Directors.

Medium Shot
The influx of international commercials being shot in Cape Town, has increased this season by 27%. Barry, as a Director, has numerous commercials to his credit, namely N.S.R.I. and has broken into the international arena of Advertising. His experience as a reputable photographer and a '4 x4 fundi' at heart, have given him the edge when it comes to locations and the demanding overall aspects of film making.

Close Up
Barry's commitment to the Entertainment Industry was exemplified five years ago when he and his partner Candace Horn, launched "The Whole Lot", a database for an ever increasing and dynamic industry. With his network of contacts, Barry has contributed to promoting Southern Africa as a filming destination of international repute.